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1. Drink more water

Unfortunately this is one that has been on my resolutions list for many years now and has yet to be fulfilled to a level that satisfies me.

2. Stick to an exercise plan

What can I say? I think this is a resolution that will continuously be on my list.

3. Spend less time on the computer

Aka Spend less time on social networking sites. I’m prepared to be quite casual about this one – I don’t mean to completely restrict myself (as I will be one of the last people to call using the computer as ‘time wasting)’ but perhaps spending a little less time on facebook would be for the best.Though, of course, I still plan to continue listening to music, read articles and update my blog through the internet.

4. Buy some art/design books

This is something that I’ve been meaning to start during the past couple of months but I haven’t really had the time to properly search around for good books. Design and art have always been right behind my interest for science and technology, the past year being significant in my intertwining of the two and the reason behind why I want to study materials science in the future. So this resolution is really all about going that much further in learning more about something that inspires me.

5. Attend more events in London

Despite the fact that my parents and I go up to London very frequently, it’s only been within this year that we’ve truly been able to experience some of the event that take place in the city. This year we went to the London Open House day, The Mayor’s Thames Festival, London’s Japanese Festival and my parents attend the Notting Hill Carnival. As much as I do love walking around London with my family and friends, I’ve also been able to experience walking around London by myself, (followed by the unintended attendance of the Harry Potter 7 premiere) only making me realise how I’ve been able to consider London as a second home and appreciate the city. Hopefully 2011 will only bring more events!

6. Walk more

And by this, I mean ‘see more’. It ties in a little bit to my number 5 in that I want to be able to walk around by myself, quite freely and spontaneously, in a place other than my home town.

7. Follow more blogs

The past year has been quite an important one for me in terms of what really interests me. More specifically, this year, I started watching several Revision 3 shows, something that I will continue to do and probably never be able to lose interest in. Revision 3, and even YouTube for that matter, have enabled me to become part of an internet based community where I’ve followed several online 24 hour charity events which have allowed me to communicate with others with the same interests; the most memorable even being Revision 3’s TRS 24 hour gaming event. I also acquired this very website this year which has, beneficially, forced me to find art blogs, keep up to date with new design, discover new artists and it’s even compelled me to write in a more formal manner which is hopefully slightly apparent. In all honesty, this is less of a resolution but more like wishful thinking on my behalf that I carry on all that I have started this year concerning blogs and my website etc.

8. Eat less sugar

This one is quite self explanatory.

9. Start listening to film scores

One of my more obscure resolutions but I mean it in all seriousness. I’ve never really been into classical music or any music concerning an orchestra (perhaps that’s just because I’m not very musical) but there’s something about film scores that manage to keep my interest. I became aware of this a couple of weeks ago when I heard some music from a film my dad was watching downstairs and I could actually recognise the film he was watching, I kid you not, I didn’t hear a word of dialogue, it was solely from the music. The film was The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, now this may very well be because I completely adore the film but because of my satisfaction of recognising said film, I was curious as to which track I had heard (it was ‘Arrival At Aslan’s How’ – it’s a really beautiful piece, I recommend for anyone to listen to it. I’m not even joking, I’ve listened to it so many times) and found the soundtrack on Spotify, subsequently, I started listened to the whole album (which, in my opinion, is brilliant, though like I said, I’m quite impartial due to the fact I love the film). My resolution for 2011 is that I will gradually replace my awful habit of listening to the radio/Spotify playlists with listening to more film scores.

10. Watch more films

Slightly related to number 9 in that I want to start watching more films in order to listen to their scores.This may seem rather like ‘waste more time’ but since I started watching a web show which reviews films, I figured, I would quite like to learn some terminology and things to look out for in films in order to analyse them more critically than just saying whether or not I liked the story.

There we have it, my 10 new year’s resolutions for 2011. This will remain unmentioned until this time next year when I’ll come back and decide on my success and evident fails.

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