The art of watercolour, oil and acrylic

Agnes Cecile

Having always been a fan of abstract portraiture, stumbling across Agnes Cecile was probably one of my most favorite art findings yet. I find the modern revamp of portraiture so inspiring as more and more artists are discovering new, exciting ways of portraying the human face and body.

Her use of paint dripping and watercolour bleeding is particularly effective considering the ethereal nature of her subjects, who are often floating in empty space or gazing at the view in thought, and what strikes me in her work is the amount of delicate detail in each facial feature and expression. By viewing the various speed painting on her tumblr page, it’s obvious that each painting requires thought into where needs to be vibrantly coloured and where can be left as white space which adds to the mystic nature of her work.


Definitely check out Agnes Cecile’s tumblr and Facebook page where she regularly posts her work.

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