Indoor Clouds? What?

Cloudscapes is an installation art piece consisting of clouds, artificially created and installed within a building that visitors are allowed to explore. The cloud is able to be experienced from below, within and even above as visitors are allowed to climb a helical ramp situated right in the centre of the building in order to fully experience the feel, of literally, walking through a cloud. This innovative piece was in fact produced by the unlikely pairing of German climate engineering firm, Transsolar and an architect by the name of Tetsuo Kondo who aimed to successfully reproduce the dynamics of a cloud.

The cloud is based on the physical phenomenon of saturated air, condensation droplets floating in the space and condensation seeds. The atmospheres above and below the cloud have different qualities of light, temperature, and humidity, separating the spaces by a filter effect. The cloud can be touched, and it can be felt as different microclimatic conditions coincide.

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