Digital Art

Wow it’s been a while… don’t judge.

So recently, I’ve been very into digital art and graphics and have been particularly drawn to geometric patterns. Whether or not this is a direct result of all the crystallography I have to do, I don’t know but it certainly helps being inspired when aspects of materials science are also aesthetically appealing. Having said that, I stumbled across Andy Gilmore‘s work, which can be described, simply in one word, by kaleidoscope. Gilmore has mastered the technique of the kaleidoscope in that he is able to create complex, visually interesting, patterns and designs out of such simple and linear shapes which I feel is like a modern, revamped version of the iconic psychedelic artwork of the 60s.

A master of color and geometric composition, Andy Gilmore’s work is often characterized as kaleidoscopic and hypnotic, though it could just as well be described as visually acoustic, his often complex arrangements referencing the scales and melodies in music.

Just from this quote from his store website, it’s apparent that Gilmore’s work is easily interpretable as he states he’s referenced music in his work, however upon looking at his work, I naturally think of crystal lattices and the nanoscale repetition of motifs and how his work could be a result of their visual manipulation. (But maybe that’s just my underlying scientific background subtly trying to force its input.) Despite this, the appeal of the colourful, geometric and symmetrical shapes in his designs is undeniable and (if could afford them) I would, without a doubt, gladly have prints of his work hanging up on my wall.

Check out more of this work and store here.

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