Rune Guneriussen

Objects In Nature

I can’t help but feel a nostalgic connection with this beautiful set of photographs taken by photographer Rune Guneriussen.

You know when you were little and you were convinced that when you closed your eyes all the furniture and toys in your bedroom were actually alive and moved around, but when you opened your eyes again, everything was still and lifeless?

Honestly, who didn’t imagine that as a child? These quaint and playful set of ‘fairy tale-esque’ photos bring the most curious characteristics to the various pieces of furniture, portraying them as if they were alive or almost animal-like. Guneriussen has truly created a magical world, that everyone would like to imagine is real, by placing these objects in the most enticing scenery and perfectly lit atmosphere using only natural light and light from the everyday objects themselves.

It’s also worth mentioning that these remind me a lot of the Pixar lamp.

See more photographs here – Rune Guneriussen’s website.

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