Relics by photographer, Cody Hamilton

Relics is a project playing off the idea that the white Greek statues that we see now were once bright, colorful and vibrant. I wanted to bring that idea to the most colorful and vibrant decade ever, THE 80’s!

The idea of relics really does bring to mind the ancient artifacts that you would find in museums. Photographer, Cody Hamilton, brilliantly plays with this concept by displaying retro toys and devices as if they are rediscovered objects from many decades ago. Being a slight 80’s enthusiast myself (despite the fact it wasn’t my decade), it makes me think about how these would seem alien to children born in the new millennium; they will grow up with blu ray DVDs and mp3 files whilst many of us will remember VHS, casette tapes and the chore of continually cleaning game cartridges.

Oh nostalgia.

Magnavox d8443

Motorola 8000x

Casio Calculator Watch

Rubik’s Cube

VHS Tape

Atari 2600 Console

Atari 2600 Joystick

Be sure to check out Cody Hamilton’s website here.

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